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Who’s funding prop-75?
November 3, 2005, 3:05 am
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Who’s funding prop-75?

From Confined Spaces:

Well surprise, surprise, the Los Angeles Times reports that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of union support for the measure.

Out of more than 1 million union members who would be affected by the measure, only 181 have publicly endorsed it.

The absence of union members within the Campaign for Paycheck Protection is striking because its advocates say that one-third to one-half of union households favor the measure.

Hmm, gosh, could that be because…

“If you look at the folks who are making the major contributions, they are all very right-wing, very conservative folks, none that I can see who have ever been in a labor union,” said Lou Paulson, president of the California Firefighters Assn.

Campaign finance records show that 73% of the nearly $4.9 million raised by the proposition’s advocates so far has come from nine sources, including wealthy bankers and business executives who favor private school vouchers and conservative activism; the California Republican Party; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and an association of engineers and land surveyors that is a frequent adversary of the Caltrans engineers union.

Public employee unions have been a major political force in the state, and have been winning campaigns against Governor Schwarzenegger’s attempts to dismantle the state’s public employee pension system, delay implementation of nurse-patient staffing ratios and delay teacher tenure and contributed to the Governator’s steep drop in popularity — which is why the business community is suddently so interested in “protecting” the interests public employees. If only the public employees would cooperate in their own protection.

The reason more public employees aren’t streaming into their campaign, according to Prop. 75 supporters is that they’re intimidated by their unions. But even there, their rather unconvincing. The initiative’s sponsor, anti-tax activist Lewis K. Uhler, claimed that his son, a teacher, had been intimidated out of participating in a “Yes on 75” advertisement. His son denies that intimidation has anything to do with it.


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